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David Virgil Dafinoiu, War on Terrorism Paying Off

Emergency Message for Western Citizens: Arabian Peninsula, Terrorist Threat

Terrorist groups on the Arabian Peninsula continue to pose a threat to Western citizens and and their affiliated businesses, restaurants, and facilities.  Based on recent trends, terrorist groups may increasingly aspire to conduct smaller-scale attacks against Western targets. Given that predictable targets may be desired by these groups, Western embassies remind their citizens of the importance of varying their routes and timing of routine local travel.  Embassies also remind their citizens to remain cognizant of their surroundings when in public, including any indications of strangers paying undue attention to one’s presence, as well as any evidence of tampering with one’s vehicle, particularly after having been unattended in an uncontrolled environment.

Western citizens are advised to follow these good personal security practices:

· Be cautious and remain aware of your surroundings when traveling in and out of compounds in your personal vehicles, as well as when traveling to and from restaurants, shopping centers, and educational facilities frequented by Westerners;

· Be aware of any suspicious activities when stopped at intersections or stop-signs, and check your parked vehicle before entering it;

· Avoid crowds or large gatherings when traveling in public;

· Know where you are going and have a plan of what to do in the event you encounter demonstrations or violence;

· Identify safe areas (for example police stations, hospitals, Government buildings) in your area and how to get to them quickly;

· Tell co-workers or neighbors where you’re going and when you intend to return;

· Minimize your profile while in public;

· Always carry a cell phone and make sure you have emergency numbers pre-programmed into your phone;

· Be prepared to postpone or cancel activities for personal safety concerns;



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