War on Terrorism Paying Off

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US to spend $317 million on British intel hub upgrade

Washington is to upgrade RAF Croughton, one of its UK bases allegedly involved in mass surveillance and drone strikes, to make it the largest intel hub outside mainland US and a center for its operations in Africa, The Independent on Sunday reports. The US government will spend $317 million upgrading Royal Air Force (RAF) Croughton, … Continue reading

African Union asks UN for immediate action on Mali

Dakar – In an open letter on Thursday to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the president of the African Union urged the UN to take immediate military action in northern Mali, which was seized by al-Qaeda-linked rebels earlier this year. Yayi Boni, the president of Benin who is also head of the African Union, … Continue reading

Twenty-two fighters from Lebanon killed in Syria: local official

Twenty-two young men, including a Palestinian, from the Lebanese city of Tripoli were killed on Friday in the Syrian border town of Tal Kalakh, a Lebanese security source and an Islamist leader said. “There are reports that 21 Lebanese nationals and one Palestinian have been killed in Syria,” the local official said on condition of … Continue reading

Uniting European CERTs And Law Enforcement In Cybercrime Battle

European Union agency IDs hurdles preventing better intelligence-sharing, cooperation among first-line Computer Emergency Response Teams and police. Europe increasingly faces major challenges bridging gaps among its various national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and law enforcement agencies in the fight against cybercrime. The European Union’s European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) warned today that … Continue reading

Emergency Message for Western Citizens: Arabian Peninsula, Terrorist Threat

Terrorist groups on the Arabian Peninsula continue to pose a threat to Western citizens and and their affiliated businesses, restaurants, and facilities.  Based on recent trends, terrorist groups may increasingly aspire to conduct smaller-scale attacks against Western targets. Given that predictable targets may be desired by these groups, Western embassies remind their citizens of the importance of … Continue reading

US adds Hezbollah to Syria sanctions list

The US has denounced Hezbollah, the Lebanese political group, for backing Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, and added it to a list of organisations under sanctions for their ties to the Syrian government. The US already classes Hezbollah a “terrorist organisation” and it is under US sanctions, but Friday’s move explicitly ties the group to the violence under … Continue reading

Egypt’s Morsi visits Saudi for security talks

Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s new president, has said he and Saudi’s King Abdullah have held “fruitful” talks focused on regional stability, according to SPA news agency. The state-run media said on Thursday the talks were held after a late night meeting between the two leaders. “Our discussions were fruitful and constructive and in the interest of Egypt, of Saudi Arabia and … Continue reading

U.S. sends forces to Persian Gulf ahead of possible clash with Iran

The United States is building up its navel power in the Persian Gulf in response to threats by Iranian officials to close the Strait of Hormuz in case of further sanctions, the Los Angeles Times  reported on Wednesday. The report came after, earlier this month, U.S. defense officials told the New York Times that American forces have … Continue reading

Syria after Assad

Source: Haaretz The Syrian opposition has plans to take control of the Assad regime’s chemical weapons depots and secure them in the first hours after the regime collapses, a senior figure in the opposition told Haaretz. The opposition leader, a former senior officer in the Syrian Army, spoke to Haaretz on conditions of anonymity. The … Continue reading

FBI Launching Nationwide Facial Recognition Photo Search Service

FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service (Nextgov): The FBI by mid-January will activate a nationwide facial recognition service in select states that will allow local police to identify unknown subjects in photos, bureau officials told Nextgov. The federal government is embarking on a multiyear, $1 billion dollar overhaul of the FBI’s existing fingerprint database … Continue reading

Anti-missile radar to be deployed in Turkey

An early warning radar system will be deployed in Turkey within the NATO missile defense program, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Selcuk Unal said on Friday. “The deployment of this [missile defense] element in Turkey will constitute our contribution to the defense system being developed within the new NATO [defense] strategy and will strengthen the defense … Continue reading

Pentagon sinks fastest aircraft ever

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) put an experimental aircraft into the sky today, and though the mission didn’t pan out exactly as planned, today’s flight signaled what’s to come in military machinery. The Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle-2 is an unmanned, rocket-launched aircraft that is capable of traveling at 20 times the speed … Continue reading

No government can fight Taliban alone – former MP

The latest assassination of top Afghan official sparks more concerns about timing of the planned NATO troop pullout. Former Afghan MP Daoud Sultanzoy believes that no government can fight Taliban alone. The mayor of Kandahar, Ghulam Haider Hamidi, was assassinated by a suicide bomber on Wednesday. Hamidi was one of the people being considered as … Continue reading

Washington Post belatedly recognizes growing domestic terrorist threat

Based on an article by Cliff Kincaid for Accuracy in Media The Washington Post has devoted 3,783 words to Abdirizak Bihi, a Muslim activist trying to counter radical Islamic activities in Minnesota and the recruitment of Muslim youth in America by a “shadowy network of recruiters.” This is the same individual who got little attention … Continue reading

CIA Moves to Protect Analyst Involved in bin Laden Raid

(FOX News) – The CIA has moved to protect an analyst who played a central role in the covert operation to kill al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, a US official confirmed Tuesday. Recent intelligence indicated that the terrorist network is working out of Pakistan to identify the US agents who helped plan the deadly raid … Continue reading

Request from NATO: Berlin Willing to Supply Weapons for Libyan War

By Matthias Gebauer NATO is running out of munitions to use in the Libya conflict. Now the German government is willing to supply weapons to its allies despite its fundamental opposition to the war, DER SPIEGEL has learned. The defense minister has already approved a NATO request. Germany’s abstention from the Security Council vote authorizing … Continue reading

Pakistan orders US drones out of base

The latest blow against America’s overseas drone operations comes out of Pakistan today, where the country’s defence minister told reporters that he has ordered US forces to vacate the Shamsi air base. “We have told them to leave,” Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar was quoted as saying by the Associated Press out of Pakistan. Tensions have … Continue reading