This site functions as a repository of information in the public interest and we want to expand our network of researchers as much as possible. We all “meet” people on the virtual space, but once established the relationship does not remain only there. If you have access to documents that are of significance to the public at large, please consider contributing them to our blog. We accept all information that contributes to and expands public knowledge.

If you have skills that you believe could be of service to our blog, please let us know. We are looking for anyone and everyone willing to help. We are affiliated with a private U.S. commercial entity but we do not endorse any specific ideology. Our only belief is that equal access to information is the foundation of a transparent and open society. This blog is a collaborative project and whatever your capabilities may be, there is a way in which you may serve the cause.

We wish to cultivate an information-sharing environment that mimics governmental systems for open-source intelligence gathering. We enable the collaboration of members at all levels of society, without discriminating because of age, race or qualifications. We believe in the merit of positive action. At no point will you be required to provide us with any personally identifying information. You can contribute as much or as little as you wish.

Please tell us how you can help at david@dafinoiu.com

Thank you,

David Virgil Dafinoiu
Site administrator


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